Measure and predict the impact of your medical and pharmacy policy decisions.

Efficient Invoicing
Reduced Disputes

Up to 10% of invoiced medical rebates can end up in dispute.  Claims locked in dispute result in loss of significant time and money. The Curisium Innovative Contracting Platform provides a single source of truth based on blockchain technology to dramatically reduce disputed claims. Any claims still disputed can be resolved quickly and efficiently. Throughout the dispute process, the platform provides complete visibility and status tracking.

Benefit Design Optimization

With Curisium's Innovative Contracting Platform, increased efficiency is just the beginning.  The platform incorporates cutting-edge quantitative analytics to help you optimize your medical benefits to improve clinical outcomes while reducing costs.

Financial Impact Analysis

Evaluate your benefit decisions, tracking performance in real-time.  Prospectively simulate and plan future benefit decisions. Manage your risk for each drug class. The Curisium Innovative Contracting Platform empowers you to make data-driven decisions.

Claims data is disorganized and complex. This leads to time-consuming and error-prone manual processes to extract, analyze, cleanse and interpret the data for invoicing rebates. The Curisium Innovative Contracting Platform performs fully automated data extraction, cleansing, analysis and adjudication of both medical and pharmacy claims. Coupled with our end-to-end invoicing and remittance workflows, we are able to dramatically improve both time-to-invoicing and invoicing frequency–all without needing additional resources.

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